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Our Team

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Eric Whiteley


Eric returned to the Cape in 1999 after service in the armed forces as a naval officer for 5 years.  Prior to his Navy position, he graduated from Union College with a degree in Civil Engineering.  In 2000 Eric partnered with his sister Sara, and together they have been leading the company for the past 20 years.  Eric holds Licensed Master Plumber  and Licensed Master Sheet Metal worker licenses, and focuses mainly on Sales, Estimating, Construction Operations and Production side of the business.  He finds his work mostly satisfying when out in the field visiting with contractors, homeowners and employees, and seeing team come together to design, create and install state of the art mechanical systems.

Sara Whiteley

Vice - President

Sara returned to the Cape in the summer of 1998 to help her father set up computer systems for the company, and hasn't left since.  Prior to coming back, she worked as a geotechnical engineer on the Big Dig in Boston, after earning her degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Tufts University.  In 2000, Sara and her brother  Eric agreed to form a partnership and lead the company together, and have worked side by side for 20 years.  While Sara is a Licensed Master Sheet Metal worker, her business focus is on Financial oversight and daily operations.  She enjoys the opportunity to work with the team on finding better and more efficient ways of meeting our customer's expectations, and leads through encouraging smart problem solving through collaboration and empowerment. 

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Rocco Locantore
Head of Plumbing
Rich Boynton
General Manager
Rocco Locantore.jpg
Rocco Locantore
Head of Plumbing
Rocco Locantore
Head of Plumbing
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Rocco Locantore
Head of Plumbing
Scott Souza
Head of HVAC
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Kevin Connelly
Brian Duarte.jpg
Brian Duarte
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Nathan Eatough
Sales & Estimating

Travis Fox
Service Tech Manager
Don Hebert.jpg
Don Hebert
Sales & Estimating

Mark Kelley.jpg
Mark Kelley
Michaela McCarty.jpg
Michaela McCarty
Service Manager
Patty Monahan
Contract Coordinator
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Jason Nitti
Warehouse Manager
Mark Razzano
Kathie Rennie.jpg
Kathie Rennie
Sales - Fixtures
Steve Sears.jpg
Steve Sears
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Maggie VanSickle
Sales Administrator
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