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Our Story

It all started in 1952 with one truck in a one bay garage behind Vernon Whiteley's  house in Chatham.  Little did Vern know back then that with a handful of contractors and customers, he was creating the foundation for a company that would thrive and continue to grow over the next many decades. In 1972, Vern's son Tom took over the ownership, and grew the company exponentially.  His success can be felt  by the strength of the company that he passed on to the next generation.

Eric and Sara Whiteley.jpg

In 1999, Tom's son Eric and daughter Sara returned to Chatham after successful careers as a naval officer (Eric) and geotechnical engineering (Sara), with the idea of taking the family business into the next generation.  Together they have found operational balance between the challenges and roles needed to run a multifaceted trade organization.

Vern built  our company based on integrity, respect, expertise and community engagement, values we share and live by to this day.

Our Core Values

Promote a safe, RESPECTFUL, and stable environment for all employees to enjoy a successful career

Support the local COMMUNITY through charitable outreach to ensure the sustainability of a year-round Cape economy

Core Values Logo.jpg

Create a positive customer experience with every interaction through honesty, INTEGRITY and continuity

Provide exceptional value through quality and EXPERT service in the trade, utilizing decades of expertise and innovative solutions in the field

Our Community

We believe that a sustainable year-round economy on Cape Cod is essential for all residents and businesses.  As a result, we work with and have supported our community through various types of charitable outreach.

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